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Western readers are one of the greatest fanbases an author can have. Around the world people still enjoy the Old West—and Dusty Saddle Publishing works hard to provide great Western novels for readers to enjoy.

From Gary Church, Cherokee Parks, William H. Joiner, Jr., through to Scott Harris. From Harvey Wood, Charles Ray, through to Robert Hanlon. We sign, publish and promote authors we feel our readers will want to get to know. We want to see an author revel in a series of hits—and we’ve managed this with many of our authors. We want to see readers clamoring for the next release from these authors. We want the Western readership to grow, and we know it can happen, and know how to make it happen.

Dusty Saddle Publishing is a forward-thinking traditional publishing company. We have our eye on the grass-roots audience and the market of tomorrow. There are no limits to how the Western can grow.

If you have a Western novel, and you feel it would fit our audience. We would like to hear from you. Check out our submission page, or click here, for more details.