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The Best of the West. If you’re looking for the best in entertainment you’ve probably already tried some of these great Kindle E-books from Dusty Saddle Publishing. Why don’t you complete your collection by choosing some more great adventures from our exciting catalog of Western authors!

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Bruce G. Bennett

Preacher's Corner

JJ Bonham

Seth Kincaid: Texas Ranger

A.L. Shane

Wagons West to the Frontier

Alex Cord

Feather in the Rain

Andrew Hopkins

Arl Farris

Cops Crooks and Cowboys

"Big" Jim Williams

Jake Silverhorn Texas Ranger

Bill Yenne

Eyes Like A Blizzard

Chris B Smith

Blood On the Range

C. Emerson Law

The Legend of Badger Grant

C T Lofft

Devil's Gold

C. Wayne Winkle

The Searcher

Casey Nash

Winchester Fever

Charles Ray

Jacob Blade: Vigilante

Cherokee Parks

Death at Devil's River

Chimp Robertson

Hawkins & McGinty Series

Robert Hanlon

Timber US Marshal Series

Clint Clay

Blood on the Mountain

D L Bittick

Saga of Jedediach Beech

D M Haggard

Jake Walker Texas Ranger

Dave Sebeslav

Bad Day to Die

David Watts

Carson Hawk Western Series

Don Conley

Douglas R. Cobb

Gunshots on Hell's Border

Fred Staff

Bass Reeves Series

Gary Church

Johnny Black Man and Legend

Gary Hinson

The Seeker

Gary Kamen

Gene Turney

Revenge at Live Oak Springs

George Goodwin

A Killing in Kansas

Glenn A. Bruce

GP Hutchinson

Grady Bryant

Preacher and the Bounty Hunter

Harvey Wood

Logan Hanson Outlaw Killer Series

Jackie Paxton

Bad Days in Bone Dry

James Clay

Jason Chirevas

Jennifer Vaughn

Jim Burnett

Frontier Redemption

James Griffin

John Fie Jr.

Luke Pressor: Texas Ranger

John Sammon

John Buzzard

John West

Marshallville Revenge

Juliette Douglas

Freckled Venom Series

Lee Selders

Colter's Trail

Leroy Peters

Linda Thackeray

The Hanging

Malcolm Hotzman

Walt Johnson Westerns

Mark Baugher

C-Bar Ranch Series

Mark Marchetti

Texas Jack Westerns

Michael D. Abbott

Western Winds

Mike MacKessy

Revenge of the Mountain Man

Nicholas Casale

Noel Hodgson

Tom's Trail

Paul Bedford

Peter Alan Turner

Randal Seyler

Ray Putnam

Rob Maupin

Robert Manns

The Lance and Amy Stockdale Adventures

Ron Cerruti

Ronnie Ashmore

Roy Clinton


Scott Harris

Brock Clemons Westerns

Scotty V. Casper

Kid Utah Westerns

Terry Irving

Seth Forster US Marshal

Tracy Thurman

Outlaw Brand

Weldon Shaw

Lone Wolf series

William H. Joiner Jr.

Legend of Jake Jackson Series