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We Are Looking For Romance Writers To Join Our Team Of Authors

As the world turns, a publishing company must grow, and we are looking to expand and stretch ourselves into a new genre. We feel the romance genre could benefit from our track record of making authors sell.

From this moment, we are looking for submissions from romance authors. If you are a romance author, who would like to join a growing and popular publishing company that cut its teeth fighting and winning sales in the Western genre, we would like to hear from you.

What DSP Does: DSP is one of the leading Western fiction publishing companies with a strong track record of taking authors who have had no previous success and making them into sensations. With our promotional formula, our iconic covers, and our ability to judge the market, we have helped turn the Western into one of the strongest growing markets in town. We only take what we can sell—and we know we can turn our Western achievements into romance successes! Are you interested in making your books successful?

Reasons to try us out:
Traditional publishing company as opposed to vanity publishing
Competitive contracts especially for authors with multiple titles
Comprehensive promotion and a track record of sales for our authors
A tough team of editors who will make sure your work is readable
A second-to-none reputation in our industry for doing the right thing by our authors and working as hard as we can to make our authors successful. We are devoted to your success.

The kind of romance we are interested in:
Western romance
Paranormal romance

How to submit: This submission process is very informal. Please send an overview of your work, three chapters, a synopsis and biographical information to . We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please do allow two weeks for us to look at your submission.