We Want To Give You A Brand New Free Book You’ll Love!

Try One Of Our Brand New Books From Judy Mastrangelo!

There’s something new in town—and we are excited for you to try it!

Imagination Books (a subsidiary of Dusty Saddle Publishing) has a brand new series of art books from Judy Mastrangelo that we know you’ll love. Your kids will love them, grandparents will love them, and you will love them. We are so confident about the love that we want to try something new. Something brand new. We would like for you to pick one of the paperback books from this new range and we will send it to you for free. No cost. No shipping. Nothing. Just FREE!


How To Reedem Your Free Book!

  1. Pick the book you’d like from the choices below.
  2. Fill in the simple contact form at the bottom of the page. We will need your name, email address and mailing address, plus the book you’d like to receive, of course!
  3. Simply wait for the book to arrive—and enjoy it!

We Need Your Help…

Now, once you’ve received the book, we do have a question for you. Will you please share your experience with our product with other people?  As this is a brand new range of books, we would love for other people to hear your thoughts about the product. Makes sense, right? All we ask is that you leave a review either on Amazon or on Goodreads about the book you received. Should take five minutes at most and would help other people to discover these great books!

Go Ahead… Get Your Free Book!

So, select your book from the dropdown list below, and we will promptly mail it out to you and wait for you to tell us if you agree with us that this range is too good to miss.

You can also learn more about these books, and Judy Mastrangelo, by clicking here.



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